Choosing the special Christmas gift for our loved ones

Oh Christmas! It’s time for family dinners, gift-giving, and carols. When we think of this holiday, it brings us back to the joyful and pleasant memories, it reminds us of snow, Christmas lights, hot chocolate and cookies, and gives us a feeling of love and warmth. And of course, what a Christmas without a Christmas tree and movies.

We celebrate this holiday in different ways: in a close family circle, a cheerful company of friends or along with your better half. No matter with who one celebrates, he or she faces an important task of choosing presents. And we all know how hard it is to come up with some great Christmas gift ideas.

Upcoming New Year represents a new page in a life of every person and promises changes for the better. Thinking over the presents, we want to get unique Christmas gifts for our loved ones. However, most of us find ordinary and banal ideas in the stores and the Internet. Perhaps it's time to try something unusual, move away from traditional stereotypes and try to find a unique gift that will match both the interests of the recipient and modern trend. After all, the best Christmas presents are the ones that show love and care.

Yellow Earth Dog is the patroness of the upcoming year. It symbolizes diligence and honesty in any matter and positively affects life changes. So why don’t we take an advantage of such a wonderful opportunity and not give our loved ones something exclusive? Choosing Christmas gifts and considering New Year gift ideas, we give a chance to open invisible talents, help find a hobby or experience unforgettable impressions that will set a good mood for the next year.

If you still do not know what to give for Christmas 2017, then you need to actively look for unique gift ideas now.

Emotion is the most valuable and memorable gift, isn’t it? After all, people love to see happy smiles of their beloved ones! Moosteria will help you to do so! Show some creativity and surprise your family by presenting them a certificate for one of our workshops. Maybe they will reveal their talent in felting ("Cute Moose") or a wool brooch ("Moose"), knitting ("Knitted Moose"), or sewing ("Plush Baby Moose"). The most pleasant thing in felting is an opportunity to find yourself and reveal fantasy, let them experience it this year!

Sometimes people think that master classes are more suitable for adults, but it is not true! Imagine how exciting it is for a child to create something cute and neat with his own hands, it's real magic! Children can attend our master class on felting "Moose-brooch" and create an accessory that will bring positive emotions on the worst day.

Some of you may not have a chanse to visit out workshops. In this case, you can purchase excellent sets for children's creativity MooseKit. Such a gift will not only satisfy your child but also help to boost his or her creativity, improve creative thinking, help discover new talents, and develop new skills. The sets include patterns for clothing, fabric-stickers, and stickers-accessories, with which you can create a charming handmade card. Some kids prefer to image of an incendiary rock star there, or a provocative pirate, others - a strict but nice policeman or charismatic ballerina. Let your child decide which one is his favorite!

When considering Christmas gifts ideas, always remember that their main purpose is to bring joy, warmth, and memories! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!