Create Your Own Fun and Playful Characters with Our MooseLab

In today’s digital world it seems like the same old things get recycled over and over. Just like all the old school movie re-boots, teddy bears and stuffed animals just get a different bow or tagline and reset in the marketplace depending on what holiday is coming up.

Well, at Moosteria we’re tired of seeing the same old clichés being marketed. So, we’ve done something about it. We’ve created a platform for you to make your own characters. With our MooseLab platform, you can create cool characters that the world has never seen before!

You are no longer limited by what is offered to you on the store shelves. Instead, take your time to choose the specific features you want your moose to have. Your moose can be fun and playful, or it can be serious and stern (but who wants a stern moose?). With the enormous number of features available to choose from, you can choose from different eye colors, antler styles, clothing, and accessories to create cool characters. When you make your own characters, YOU get to decide what you want them to be or represent – not some manufacturer in a faraway place who knows nothing about you or what you genuinely like.

Often, when you order things from the Internet, you don’t really know what you will receive. If you are lucky, it will at least look something like the pictures on the website you ordered it from. But that's not the case with Moosteria. We pride ourselves on that fact that we lovingly hand craft the exact thing you order when you create cool characters. If you want a moose made of hand-knit material, you can have it. If you want a moose made from felt, you can have it. When you get to make your own characters from our site, you know exactly what you’re going to receive in the mail.

And did you catch that up there in the last paragraph where we said, “…we lovingly hand craft…?” That’s the honest truth. Our crew of talented artists and crafters place each stitch with care. They genuinely love the work that they do in bringing the products of your imagination to life. When you make a moose character, it gives our crafters new ideas for future characters of their own, as well as inspiring others through our gallery.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Would you prefer to create your own characters on our fun, intuitive, and user-friendly platform, or would you prefer to buy some stale old teddy bear off a dusty shelf at the department store? This choice is especially important if you are looking for a gift to give on a holiday or special occasion. Seriously, how many people get excited over receiving a teddy bear anymore? Don't you think it's about time to spice things up by giving something as unexpected as a fun and playful moose to a deserving recipient? Even better, give yourself the gift of exercising your creativity and imagination when you create cool characters just for you.

Visit our MooseLab platform today and see just how much fun it can be to make your own characters!