What is Moosteria?

Moosteria is many things – it’s a virtual workshop where original ideas become a reality, it’s a mystical alchemy laboratory where love is harnessed and multiplied, it’s a one of a kind magic atelier where you can engage in social farming to give birth your next fluffy best friend.

Moosteria is a non-profit, experimental project in social creativity brought to you by a group of enthusiasts who love crafts, stuffed animals and moose! While there are many websites where you can buy toys, including handmade ones, we did not find many that offer you to participate in the creation process and allow you to co-create your future little friend.

Above all, Moosteria is a meeting place. A place where you can give love to those who seek love, and experience love of those who share it, a place where you can share your ideas with those who have the skills to turn them into reality, and offer your skills to make someone’s dream come true, a place where you can find your next special friend and a place…. Whatever this place turns out to be for you.


Why moose and only moose?

Creativity is born out of limitation! It’s been proven on many occasions that too much choice is actually not that great; as a matter of fact, it is highly demotivating, which is why excessive options can hamper your co-creational initiative.

There are thousands of ways in which an animal toy can be created, multiplied by various kinds of materials and fabric, and combined with all the different animals that exist in nature create produce a vision block – there are so many choices to make that your brain just “hangs up” while processing. What’s the solution? Moose only! Bears, bunnies and owls need not apply!


And why of all animals we choose specifically moose?

Well, there are 3 main reasons:

1. They are adorable!

2. The antlers make them look royal

3. How many more bears, bunnies and owls do you need in the world…?

Speaking seriously, however, the choice of moose is not accidental, and is tied to the story behind the creation of Moosteria.


The story behind Moosteria…

It so happens that one of our co-founders has a large collection of moose toys and figurines. The collection was not a planned event. Once, many years ago, he found himself in a situation where a little toy moose was the only souvenir he could afford to purchase while travelling abroad. Several years later, while going through a difficult period in life, he found another toy moose, who was thrown out by someone on the street. He picked up and cleaned that moose and received him as a sign that the life was going to take a turn for the better, and it soon did! Since that moment, moose became a sign of accomplishment for him, and he had decided to purchase a new moose every time something meaningful was accomplished in his life.

The collection began to grow and soon moose became the primary present that friends and family would give him on various occasions. As the collection reached 300 pieces, it became more and more difficult to find a unique moose that could be safely given as a gift without the fear of it already being present in the collection. This prompted several people to reach out to artisan toy makers and work with them to produce new unique moose. These co-creative experiences were very rewarding and the results impressed many people who saw them. The toys that came out of such collaborations felt original and more alive than those often found in the toy stores.

One day it all came together and we decided that we wanted to share the joy of co-creation with everyone, and since the moose mysteriously became the origin of everything, we had decided to combine the moose and the mystery and thus Moosteria was born!

As we were working on this project, however, an amazing discovery was made. It turned out that in the old shamanic tradition moose is viewed as an important symbol. Want to guess the symbol of what? That’s right, the symbol of accomplishment, of self-esteem and balanced feeling of pride for the successful outcome of one’s genuine efforts. Can you imagine a better animal to represent a successful outcome of a creative process? We couldn’t either!


So what do I do if I really like a different animal?

We have some great news for you too! Our Moosteria initiative is a kind of pilot for a large social farming project that we are planning to undertake. Just like Moosteria is dedicated to moose, we are eventually planning to create other websites dedicated to other animals. If you would like to help, let us know.