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Toys with Meaning: Why We Focus on Moose

Here at Moosteria, we concentrate on handmade toys, and more specifically, on moose toys. In today’s world of teddy bears and fluffy bunny rabbits, a lot of people wonder why we would choose such a quirky animal. But within that question lies the very answer: [...]


The Joy of Creating Handmade Toys and Crafts

People create toys because there is something cathartic about it. Something that strikes a chord deep inside you that loves to create. As you measure, cut, stuff, and sew, you add love, care, and attention into each stitch of the pattern. When you look at [...]


Handmade Felt Toys to Make as a Gift for Everyone

You probably don’t remember, but it wasn’t very long ago that when there was a cause for celebration, handmade gifts were given, rather than generic store-bought presents. Today, however, when birthdays and holidays come around, many people are left wondering what to buy for nieces, [...]


Turning Handmade Hobby Into a Business

Although many of us live in a fast-paced, busy world, there are some people who still have time to engage in a hobby. There are countless number of hobbies among people and some of those hobbies demand creativity, skill and a tender heart. Making toys [...]

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How to Organize a Handmade Toy Workshop or Hand Crafts Classes

It’s no secret that most people who create handmade toys and crafts often find themselves stranded when it comes to finding craft classes and toy workshops where they can gather and mingle amongst other crafters. So few opportunities exist typically that the Internet has become [...]


Welcome to Moosteria Blog

Hello, dear designers, craftsmen, artists and toys manufacturers! Do you like moose as much, as we do??? Well, you are all welcome here! We are extremely pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to develop handmade toys business, to purchase the awesome toys directly from [...]