Handmade Felt Toys to Make as a Gift for Everyone

You probably don’t remember, but it wasn’t very long ago that when there was a cause for celebration, handmade gifts were given, rather than generic store-bought presents. Today, however, when birthdays and holidays come around, many people are left wondering what to buy for nieces, nephews, long-lost aunts, or colleagues from work.

But what if the answer is that you don't need to buy anything aside from a few yards of felt, some thread, and batting material, and then combine those materials with a felt moose design specially personalized for your intended recipient?

What if, instead of trusting an anonymous Chinese conglomerate who mass-produces low-quality products to provide your gifts, you choose to revisit more traditional times and make them yourself? Handmade gifts are always the most genuine demonstrations of love and thoughtfulness because they are carefully crafted by their maker with a particular person in mind. Not only that but in today's tough economy making your money stretch further is paramount. Handmade felt toys are inexpensive to create, but the joy they bring is priceless.

Handmade felt toys, and more specifically, felt moose, are such a unique choice that the recipients of your felt toys won’t be able to feel anything besides the warm joy of knowing you care enough to invest your time and effort into creating handmade gifts just for them.

Now, there are literally thousands of patterns available online for felt toys to make like this one. But which one should you choose? There a few things you should consider when making this decision:

The personality and tastes of the intended recipient:

Every person, young or old, has their individual personal style and preferences. Some people collect owl figurines and stuffed animals, while others are NASCAR enthusiasts. Knowing the things your handmade gifts’ recipients are interested in can go a long way in helping you choose the right handmade felt toys to make.

The best thing about handmade gifts and handmade felt toys is that you can personalize them down to the tiniest of details. Even a felt moose can be fully customized to truly exhibit the personality traits of its intended receiver. The only limit on how distinctive a felt moose can be is your imagination.

Your skill level:

Are you new to working with felt or are you a seasoned pro? Whether this is your first time pushing a needle or you have well-worn thimbles scattered throughout your home, felt is one of the easiest and most forgiving fabrics to work with. Made from a variety of materials and available in a vast selection of colors, felt can be the perfect medium for you to cut your crafting teeth on.

Along with all the patterns available, there are countless video tutorials on sites like YouTube that can show you step-by-step how to create very simple or very complex felt moose. Here’s an example of a tutorial for making a felt moose bookmark. Here’s another video that demonstrates how felt can be used to create fun and educational children’s books.

Regardless of your skill level and no matter how eccentric or reserved a child or adult’s tastes are, felt moose can be the perfect handmade felt toys to make as a gift for everyone. Not restricted to solely being décor for mountain lodges, they are playful and full of character when crafted with love.

Even if you don’t have the skill or time required to handcraft a felt moose yourself there are still options available to you. For example, the MooseLab design tool allows you to still create a felt moose with the personality of its recipient in mind, and have it handcrafted by an artist that specializes in the medium.

After all the effort has been put into crafting your felt moose either by yourself or by another talented crafter, you’ll get to reap all the reward of seeing your recipient’s face light up when they see the amount of personal attention and dedication you put toward creating a special gift just for them.