Mavatars or the beginning of a new generation of avatars in Moosteria!

Do you want to give your relatives and friends unique emotions and surprise with an exclusive moose toy? Take a look at and choose your Mavatar! Are you intrigued by this mysterious word? Then read on and stay in trend!

The secret of the name is encrypted in the English word "moose" and the term "avatar". Mavatars are the little moose that are not yet born, but already live in the artisans’ imagination. On the Moosteria website, you will find a vivid collection of the most unusual Mavatars - funny, romantic, good-natured, cheerful, flirtatious and naughty moose! Each of them has not only its own unique appearance and charisma but also its extravagant style! Mavatars are the real dandies! At Moosteria you will meet famous heroes such as Sherlock Holmes, Youtube, Hacker, Ophelia, and even Fantomas! In a few clicks in the Mavatar category you'll easily find the moose, which soon will become someone’s favorite toy. Ordering a handmade toy is easy - you can do it by clicking on the mavatar that you like. It will immediately take you to the contact page of the artisan. By contacting the author of the Mavatar you will get limitless opportunities such as adding interesting accessories, changing the color of the future moose, and discussing the urgency and cost of the work.

It often happens that, waking up from the everyday fuss, we suddenly remember a birthday or another important date in the life of a beloved one. The first reaction is to run around the shops in search of "that, I do not know what." With Moosteria you no longer have to panic because of gifts! Simply order a ready felted, knitted or stitched toy in the Moosteria online store crafted by the team of our professional artisans. Plush moose will charm anyone - a child and an adult, as it has much tenderness and warmth in it! It's unlikely that your beloved friend, mother, or significant other has ever received such an exclusive gift!

Are you tired of monotony, the soul calls for something new and extraordinary, want experiments and creativity? Let your imagination create Mavatar with the help of interactive online design tool MooseLab! In our laboratory, anyone, even a little child can become a magician and in the blink of an eye create a moose sports player, rocker or beautiful princess! Painted Mavatar can immediately be used as an avatar on any forum, or in social networks. Another option is to transfer the image into a real soft toy, which our artisans will happily craft for you.

Do you want to spend an amusing time at the computer, and in addition also get the most original gift and an ocean of positive emotions? Touch the mystery of creating handmade toys, the cutest little creatures that can be found in the whole world!

Welcome to the online workshop of Moosteria, where all your desires will be fulfilled, as if by magic!