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  • Location: New Kakhovk, Ukraine
  • Size: 20 cm / 8"
  • Period: 5-7 days
  • Materials:
    Holofiber, Textured Yarn, Velour, Wire
  • Caring Advice:
    care_code-DND care_code-DNM care_code-DNW care_code-DWH care_code-SUT

About me

Would you like to adopt a sweet little moose like this? If so, you should visit Moosteria!

The Moose workshop is a unique platform which allows you to create a completely unique moose of your own design. Our MooseKit has a smooth user interface and intuitive menu – it’s so user-friendly even beginners will feel comfortable using it.

With this game, you’ll have an opportunity to create a huge number of splendid moose characters who reflect your mood, imagination, and state of mind. The moose you create might even remind you of your friends or family. Also, you can share the characters you’ve created on social networks or use them as your profile pictures.

But that`s not all! We also offer the opportunity to order an exact physical replica of the characters you create to be crafted by our masters and delivered to you or a designated recipient.

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New Kakhovk, Ukraine

Russian, Ukrainian

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