Toys with Meaning: Why We Focus on Moose

Here at Moosteria, we concentrate on handmade toys, and more specifically, on moose toys. In today’s world of teddy bears and fluffy bunny rabbits, a lot of people wonder why we would choose such a quirky animal. But within that question lies the very answer: moose are quirky – and full of personality!

In nature, moose are majestic and regal creatures. They are the largest member of the deer family, and they have the largest antlers - which can span up to six feet on a large bull. They are solitary animals in the wild, and apart from finding a female cow with her calf, you will rarely see more than one moose at a time. As a handmade toy though, moose can be found mixed and matched together to create a special little herd of one’s own.

A moose toys can be a lot of fun, especially when they are individualized and customized by a person with an active imagination. It seems like no matter how many toy stores you visit the shelves are always full of the same stuffed animals. Teddy bears abound, and while there may be a wide selection of them, they're still just teddy bears. Handmade moose toy, however, offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a different type of character not seen every day.

When you decide to give a moose gift, you are choosing to put special thought and care into your present, rather than partaking of the convenience of grabbing a random item off a shelf somewhere. Your gift's recipient will know that you put extra effort into choosing something special just for them, and your gift will mean so much more because of that.

And because you are not bound to find very many stuffed moose animals anywhere you look, their sparse presence in the marketplace make them perfect gift for anyone, young or old. Even more, a handmade moose can be a big hit with those that appreciate the excellent craftsmanship and high quality that can only be found in handcrafted items.

Because each stitch is placed with care on one of our moose soft toys, there is certain to be a quality level far superior to that found in other stuffed animals which are anonymously mass-produced on robotic assembly lines in faraway factories.

Think back to a time when you received a gift that you knew its giver had taken the time to select carefully. Do you remember how special it made you feel to know that instead of a generic gift card, your gifter cared enough to take your personal likes and tastes into account when choosing your special gift?

At Moosteria, we know that the same warm feeling can be conveyed when you give a handmade toy or moose stuffed animal as a gift. And that's why we focus solely on moose: because they are unique, unexpected, highly customizable, and adorable. And really, do we need any other reason?