MooseKit – a fun and original alternative to a tablet!

Has your child stuck to a tablet, not noticing anyone and anything around? Don’t panic! An unusual board game from Moosteria will distract your little ones from the monitor!

In the era of technological progress, no one is surprised when a two-year-old kid is enthusiastically playing with various gadgets. On one hand, an ultramodern precocious child makes parents feel proud, but on the other hand, it also makes them worried about the physical and psychological health of their kid. Despite the fact that many ridiculous myths were created about the harmful effect of the tablet on the child, it is still necessary to limit the time spent on the other side of the screen.

How to preserve the sight of a child and not to turn his childhood into a sequence of “don’ts”?

Instead of forbidding some enjoyable child activities, it is necessary to ensure acceptable conditions while using any kind of technology. Make sure that the screen resolution and quality of the screen are adequate because they are usually responsible for ruining the eyes of a young gamer. The smaller the display, the faster your eyes get tired. There is an opinion that children's eyes are especially sensitive to the blue light since their lens are still at the development stage. It's not a secret that continuous uninterrupted communication with any kind of modern technology leads to a decrease in the frequency of blinking, which in the end can provoke the development of dry eye syndrome. So pay attention and don’t allow your child to play in total darkness, or vice versa - on the street with too much light. It is enough to adjust the brightness in the room on the ⅓ level. We all remember how our parents used to teach us to keep our backs straight and not to slouch - this golden rule hasn’t lost its relevance. The best prevention from vision and spine problems is the correct posture and accurate distance from the screen. That’s why it is necessary to teach your child to put a gadget on a table or a special stand. This will help to avoid playing games lying down or swaying on a chair.

No doubt, following these simple rules is important, but also don’t forget to find a replacement for video games from time to time. Board games from the past like lotto, dominoes or checkers in the circle of family and friends will not only distract your child from gadgets but also teach how to work in a team. Another distraction could be building a small house, just like you did in your childhood. Huge empty boxes left after buying some technology or furniture covered with blankets, no doubt, will become a cozy place to read favorite fairy tales or throw candy parties! Role-playing games like "Batman" or "the princess" will help simulate different situations from life and thereby develop the child's intelligence. Developing toys like Lego constructor or do-it-yourself kits (remember such?) can also play an important role in the formation of a little personality and, perhaps, even determine your kid’s future.

Moosteria is a laboratory of miracles which has prepared for your son or daughter an unusual alternative to a tablet. We invite your little restless, 10 years and older, to attend a creative MooseKit masterclass! During our master classes, children learn to reveal their imagination and embody it in a real craft with colorful stickers! Even if your child seems to completely lack creativity and spend all his time with a tablet in hands, it doesn’t mean that crafting is not for him. Time spent with MooseKit will serve as a mini-reload for the eyes and interactive switch to the reality. MooseKit master class is what your child needs!

Developing sets MooseKit - fabric-stickers and stylish accessories, with which in 15-20 minutes you will easily glue an image of a moose as a pirate, policeman, ballerina or rock star! The advantage of this simple creative process is obvious - it's simple, interactive, fast and cool! In just a few minutes your child becomes an author of a mini-masterpiece, which, if desired, can one day become a living soft toy! Ready-to-use stickers with charming and fun moose will be a fashionable decoration in the child's room or a wonderful secret postcard to mom, grandmother or best friend for a birthday! No time or opportunity to come to our master classes? Order a set of MooseKit on our website! The entertaining process of creating moose at home will not only introduce you to a new way of getting acquainted with your child but also give him or her warm memories of a joyful childhood with you!

Don’t forget that no gadgets or toys will replace the main thing - your love and the time you spend together with your children! Moosteria will gladly help you to organize creative leisure time for the whole family!

P.S. Remember that enough is as good as a feast. The purpose of this article is not to permanently keep your child away from the tablet. We only hope that we’ve inspired you to spend more time with your kids! There is nothing more precious than real-life communication with the family!