Hearts and Horns: 3 Reasons a Stuffed Moose is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Idea for Your Sweetheart

Each year during the first week of February, people around the world begin to scramble to find Valentine’s day gifts for their crushes and sweethearts. Typically, and out of desperation, most people settle for teddy bears, jewelry, chocolates, and flowers because they aren't able to come up with a more original idea. That's why we're sharing these three reasons why a plush moose toy is the perfect Valentine's day gift for anyone.

While nobody really knows when teddy bears became a signature Valentine's Day gift, we do know it was probably due to the vast popularity of teddy bears and the profits gained by marketing another commercialized holiday. But neither of those factors is what matters most to people on Valentine's Day.

In fact, despite the true history of St. Valentine and the day named for him, February 14th is a day celebrated around the world as the "Day of Love." It is a day when people demonstrate their love and affection for one another in the form of gifts. In recent times, no thanks to technology, gift giving grew impersonal. Gift cards and flowers sent via an online order became the norm, and nary a thought was given.

Today, however, in an effort to return to simpler times and re-connect on a personal level, more people are choosing to give handmade gifts as their tokens of affection. In that spirit, we offer these three reasons why a custom plush toy or moose stuffed animal makes the ideal Valentine’s Day gift.
1. A truly unique gift which still symbolizes affection:
Teddy bears are cliché. They have become the generic “go to” when a gift-giver can think of nothing better. Conversely, a moose stuffed animal is sure to be an adorable surprise. Just think about it; who expects to ever to receive a moose?! Not only will your plush moose toy bring a genuine smile to its recipient's face, but it will also show that you put actual thought and care into choosing a personalized toy.
2. Customized toys convey a special message:
It’s all about the message you wish to send through the moose stuffed animal you choose. Whether you want to make it all about the romance, or let your sentiment be a bit more playful, personalized toys allow you the ability to showcase what it is you like most about the person you are gifting them to.
3. Timeless Reminders:
These days, a fancy box of chocolates or beautiful bouquet of flowers lasts perhaps only a week. Yet, they can both cost upwards of $50. Why spend so much money on a gift that will be forgotten about as soon as the candy wrappers are empty, or the last flower petal has been swept off the mantle?

Instead, give handmade gifts you know will last. Those who create personalized toys and custom plush toys devote extra care and attention to their creations – something mass produced gifts simply can’t impart. Artisans ensure every stitch is placed to provide the qualities and durability you expect from your customized toy are all there. Standing the test of time, your moose stuffed animal will forever be a warm Valentine’s Day reminder.

Whether you are giving a Valentine’s Day gift to a child, your best friend, or a romantic partner, stuffed moose make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts!
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