Romantic Felt Moose Workshop – What Is It?

You can say “I love you” without saying a word. Felt moose workshop from Moosteria will show you a magical way of doing it.

Innovative Moosteria world invites couples to experience the mystery of creating a handmade love talisman at our felt toys workshop. We will gladly help you to plunge into the world of colorful emotions, love and romance. Moreover, we will do whatever it takes to turn your evening into an unforgettable date!

Moose felting - magical meditation for couples

Technique of creating a felt toy is a very intimate ritual during which a bunch of individual fibers merge into one unique handmade toy which represents a conjunction of love energy of two individuals. Handmading together will not only reveal astonishing telepathic connection of lovers but will also improve mutual understanding, teach you to listen and to feel each other. Each stage of felting a toy requires bilateral support and develops a skill of overcoming barriers together. Completing a creative project as a couple creates harmony and compromise as well as improves problem solving skills.

Why Moose?

This magnificent forest resident is a symbol of balance, positive energy and mutual understanding. Moose embodies love within a home, and teaches how to move towards a shared goal in spite of any obstacles. The ancient Slavs believed that female moose, as patroness of animals, protects a family’s hearth and fills it with happiness and prosperity.

In a heartwarming atmosphere, we will share the ancient tradition of felting out of wool with you and your beloved one. To make the moose you will need a special needle with a thread, colorful wool, glue, foam rubber, fantasy and lots of tenderness.

100% green and sincere

All necessary materials for toy felting are provided by our workshop and are included in a price of the master class.

A couple of hours spent on a handmade workshop will bring you closer together. Moreover, a cute handmade moose will become a special amulet of your love!

Who is this workshop for?

- For romantic and creative couples of any age;

- For those who want to create heartwarming memories with their loved ones;

- For people who seek novelty in their relationships.