Turn Your Passion into an Income: How to Sell Your Handmade Plush Toys

In today’s economy, almost everyone is looking for or has a side gig to bring insome extra money. Paychecks don’t go as far as they used to, but one of the greatest things about our current technologically-based society is that it is easier than ever to earn an income online. If you’ve got a passion for creating things such as handmade plush toys, why not turn that hobby into an income-producing option? Here are our top seven tips to do just that.

Oh, and because we’re very moose-minded here at Moosteria, we’re going to use moose stuffed animals as our primary example throughout this post to illustrate each point.
  1. Make unique items such as handmade plush toys: You’ve got to stand out from the crowd to catch customer attention, and you can't do that if you're making the same old teddy bears as everybody else. Consumers are fickle, and they want something different. Give it to them by being original. If stuffed animals are what you’re good at making, pick something like a stuffed moose toy to showcase your crafty skills.
  2. Find groups of people who love products like yours: The internet provides a means of locating and communicating with like-minded people all over the world instantly. Leverage that global connection to meet others who share your interests. Social media is a great place to start, and the use of hashtags can help narrow your search on each platform. On sites such as Facebook and Twitter, using a variety of hashtags similar to the following examples can yield great results: #handmadeplushtoys, #stuffedtoy, #sellplushtoys , #moosestuffedanimal, #stuffedanimalstosell, #plushmoose, #stuffedmoosetoy, #stuffedmooseplushtoys
  3. Use social media to promote your product. You'll need to do a little bit of research regarding where the best audiences can be found for your types of products, but Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are almost guaranteed to provide you with a robust field of potential customers. Choose a unique name for your online business that will help you stand out from the competition in your niche, but is easily remembered by customers. Begin to establish your online presence by posting helpful and relevant content on each of your social media accounts regularly, and then start sprinkling some self-promotional material into the mix.
  4. Interact with Influencers who focus on handmade items: Every platform has influencers or people who have grown mass followings of their own. Interacting via sharing their posts, retweeting their tweets, and liking, and commenting on their content is one way to catch an influencer's eye and the attention of their followers. Just be sure that any interaction is relevant and provides value for all that will read it. Just pasting a link to your products in the comments is spammy, and will get you blocked. But if an influencer likes what you have to say or shares a link to your products with their audience, that could be a breakthrough in building your own following and sales conversions.
  5. Organize your own handmade toys workshops: There are probably a lot of people in your local area that would love to learn how to make your unique products. Why not let them pay you to teach them? If you're interested, but don’t know how to go about doing so, here’s a link on how to organize a workshop or class by yourself.
  6. Tell your story: People love an entertaining background story. Is there a reason you started making your special creations? Being open and personable to your audience allows them to become invested in you and your products. As an example, one of our founders at Moosteria has a fascinating story that helped to bring Moosteria to fruition. You can read “The Story Behind Moosteria” here to get some ideas of how to craft your own. Just remember to be safe though, and don’t share too many personal details outside of why you started your creative endeavor.
  7. Create an excellent website, or social media pages and advertisements: When you buy any product online, you like to see a professional and easily navigable website, with pictures and descriptions showcasing all the features of the products being sold, right? Well, so do other online shoppers. That’s why the way you present your merchandise matters so much.
After establishing your website or social media accounts, you’ll need flattering, high-resolution photos, and well-written descriptions that convey as many details as possible for each item you are selling – even if they are just plush toys. Your product page, title, and description should also employ keywords related to your merchandise so your listings can be found in search engine results. If you’re not already familiar with keywords and search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll need to start becoming so. Arguably, the top search engine on the Internet, here is a link to Google’s SEO Starter Guide.

All of these steps can help get you going on the entrepreneurial path of turning your passion into profit. Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start promoting your crafts and handmade plush toys!

Want to know, how Moosteria can help turn your hobby into a business? Read our blogpost to find it out!