Handcrafting with pleasure or how to soothe the inflammation of the wrists

Do your hands numb and hurt after long hours of needlework? Then our tips will be extremely helpful for you!

Artisans are real wizards! How else can you explain the uniqueness and the beauty of their masterpieces, an inexhaustible source of fantasy and remarkable patience? Many people infinitely admire the talent and strength of the will of artisans, but only a few can imagine how painful it can be. Often the joint pain constraints the hands of artisans. Each master knows the feeling of creative euphoria when, forgetting about sleep, food, and rest, you literally merge with a needle or crochet hook. Wrists, just like the artist's brush is a gentle and delicate tool, so it is very important to do relaxing exercises for your hands. If in spite of all the preventing exercises, you fell into the trap of “tunnel syndrome” (a wrist injury caused by monotonous movements) - you should immediately visit a doctor!

Before going to the hospital, it is possible to take the sting off and significantly relieve the pain of your hands at home. Especially for our tireless bees, we have collected effective methods for the prevention and treatment of the joint pain of the hands:
  1. Give your wrists a rest for 15 minutes, a couple of hours, or even a few days. Rest often eliminates many problems associated with joint and ligament inflammation, and you are ready to create something beautiful again!
  2. Freeze the pain by putting ice on the source of discomfort for 10-15 minutes. Do not shock the delicate skin of your wrist, and before you start the ice-therapy, wrap the ice in a towel.
  3. Treat yourself and your aching hands with lavender essential oil. Gently apply it on the affected area, and then cover it with a tight elastic bandage. Try not to remove it for at least a week, so that the strain does not develop into a chronic form.
  4. Put a rescue suit-bandage from the pharmacy on your wrist. Wear it during needlework and even at night to avoid irritation of the nerves and blood vessels.
  5. Say “goodbye” to the pain with the help of anti-inflammatory gels and ointments that remove puffiness and anesthetize. We advise you to buy in the pharmacy Nurofen-gel or ointment based on diclofenac.
  6. Let gymnastics save your ability to create masterpieces! Do small exercises regularly to prevent serious consequences.
  7. Bathe your hands with the addition of ledum potion.
  8. Make an onion mask for the ligaments. Finely mix chopped onions, add sugar, mix thoroughly, wrap it in gauze and put on hands. It is advised to leave it like this for up to 6 hours. After, lubricate the skin with your favorite lotion or oil.
  9. Drink some tea to keep yourself healthy! Mix a liter of warm water with 2 tbsp. of honey, 2 tbsp. of crushed Valerian roots and 1 tbsp. of fennel seeds. Leave it to sit in a thermos for exactly 24 hours. Drink half of the cup 30 minutes before meals two times a day until you drink it all. This infusion will not only improve overall well-being but also helps to reduce pain.
  10. Wrap the joints of your fingers in a cabbage leaf for 12 hours. Such natural therapy can be carried out for 2 weeks.
Do not forget that the best treatment is prevention! Take care of your magical hands, learn how to relax and keep your wrist muscles toned, performing special exercises for the artisans. Love yourself, give your love to others and be healthy!

P.S. Remember that all the above methods of home treatment only partially relieve the symptoms and in no case replace the consultation with a specialist and the course of physiotherapy procedures.