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Hello, dear designers, craftsmen, artists and toys manufacturers! Do you like moose as much, as we do??? Well, you are all welcome here! We are extremely pleased to offer you a unique opportunity to develop handmade toys business, to purchase the awesome toys directly from authors, and also to try yourself and your kids as toy designers.

We are ready to surprise you with plenty of magnificent opportunities!!! Soft toys creation is a gateway to magic countries called "Childhood", "Fairy Tale", "Pleasant memories" ... All our heroes originate from there. So, here you can create more than one or two toys. The whole moose family can be designed by you. Probably some of you are a little bit confused right now: "I don’t know how to sew, sketch, and, to be honest, I don’t even know what kind of toy I’d like to have." Believe me, with Moosteria, nothing is impossible! On Moosteria you can always find creative inspiration. Just start with selecting the appropriate option "Create Moose" and your world will sparkle with new colors, and the images will become a reality! The next step is the transformation from the sketch to life. Here you can easily trust our best professionals! We are looking forward to uniting all for whom the toys mean children's smiles and happiness, wonderful decorations, or the way to make a fascinating hobby!

Join our company, focused on a joint cooperation in toys design, and provides a portal for selling handmade products from professionals as well.

To run a commercial site Moosteria we were guided by one of the most modern methods of business management - «co-creation». With this form of cooperation, we strive to create the most favorable conditions for our customers and designers, who represent a special value and are unique to our company. With this joint initiative, we aim not only to create new handmade items or perform individual orders, but also to support all masters in searching their audience and getting a significant profit. Moosteria’s main goal is to make a good deal satisfying the interests of each player involved.